Limited Liability

The common law is that non-Nationals, may invest only through the medium of a joint venture company incorporated in respective Nation in which one or more persons having the nationality of that country.


We provide guaranteed local sponsor, assist in getting approval from various departments, Licenses, Municipality, Immigration, assistance to start a business in Gulf Countries.

    Real Estate

     Our extensive knowledge of the local Real Estate market adds strength to our quest for the ideal property to suit the expectations of our clients to start a business.

Trade Representative Office

The decision of the Minister of Business and Trade provides that foreign firms may open a Representative Office without a local partner from the Representing Nationalities.

Branch Office

The Foreign companies registered under this category do not need a sponsor or Service agent. The Branch Office will be fully taxable unless it is granted a special exemption.

  100% Foreign Investment

The Foreign Investment Law allows foreign firms 100% ownership of companies, developing projects in the fields of agriculture, health education, tourism, IT ,etc.